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The Calabrian Greek Community along with all the friends who care about the fate of the Greek people, begins a campaign to raise funds to be allocated to the Hellenic Red Cross.

We have seen on television and in social media that in recent days entire regions of Greece have been hit by vast fires that have swept away entire villages, towns and forests.

Today, Greece is mourning, dozens of people have lost their lives, hundreds have been injured, dozens are still missing, thousands of houses have gone up in smoke and the ecosystem has suffered damage of biblical proportions.

In the face of this catastrophe, the Calabrian Greek Community and all those close to this world expresses its solidarity and closeness to the Greek people, to our brothers and to the many friends with whom we have continuous relations.

The first act of concrete solidarity consists in the immediate collection of funds to be allocated to the Hellenic Red Cross (Ελληνικός Ερυθρός Σταυρός).

We invite everyone to subscribe, promote and spread the fundraising for the Hellenic Cross.

We all hold out our hand to the Greek people!           Donate now


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The second edition of the Grecanica International Film Festival aims to host Documentaries, Animations and Music films produced anywhere in the world aimed at enhancing and promoting human rights, dignity, equality, lands, peoples, cultures, linguistic or historical minorities, popular and ethnic music from international productions. 

The videos admitted to the competition must be in Italian or, if in other languages, they must have italian subtitles. 

Subscriptions will only be made online through the dedicated website that will be advertised on newspapers and on the web. 

The festival will include a series of excursions to promote the Calabrian Greek territory and enhance the language, minority culture, musical and gastronomic traditions of the entire Graekanic Area. 

Stage, permanent exhibitions and thematic meetings with language, culture, traditions and local gastronomy will be provided.

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The passion for culture, environment and solidarity has stimulated the development of the fundraising platform to help projects that allow the redevelopment of the lands that need help to be able to realize.


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