It is not allowed to be published donations or charitable solicitations (includes charities and non-profit organizations without a valid 501(c)(3) tax exempt status), or any activity associated with the solicitation of donations.

It is not allowed to be published prohibited items like raffles, drugs, pornography, co-ventures,... There is a detailed list below with projects types that are not allowed:

What is not allowed in Afudìa Funding

  • Alcohol - Projects about alcohol in any form is prohibited
  • Adult Oriented Material - Projects in the porn industry are not allowed
  • Collections Businesses - Something like" uncollectible debt" or "A/R receivable financing" is prohibited
  • Contests - Anything that involves prizes for winners
  • Coupons or Discounts - No one can sell items or service from the site Afudìa
  • Cash Equivalent Instruments - It is also prohibited money orders, stored value products,...
  • Credit Services - It is not allowed to offer credit counseling, repair, protection and identity theft
  • Donations or Charitable Solicitations - It is not allowed charitable solicitations like - non-profit, tax-exempt or 501(c)3
  • Drugs - It is absolutely prohibited drugs, drug paraphernalia, anything your parents object to
  • Money Service Businesses - It is not a place for people who offer offshore banking or check cashing services
  • Weapons - It is absolutely prohibited any kind of weapons - bo staffs, shurikens, firearms, knives, nunchucks,...
  • Gambling Businesses - If you are planning to offer poker, lotteries, games of chance, please leave the site
  • Healthcare Discount Programs - Healthcare membership programs are also prohibited
  • Illegal, Inappropriate, or Offensive Items/Activities - It is not a place where someone will offer things like violates laws or angers citizens
  • Marketing Businesses - It is not allowed projects about multi-level marketing, telemarketing, up-sell, infomercial merchants
  • Miracle Cure Products - Anything offering guaranteed results other than spinach is not allowed
  • Get Rich Quick Schemes - It is not allowed to lie people and offering anything that involving "prizes" or promises of guaranteed results
  • Phone Services - A services started with 800 or 900 phone number or , text services, prepaid phone cards are prohibited for publishing
  • Real Estate - It is not allowed to offer specifically the sale of land, buildings or real estate, because it is not property company
  • Regulated Activities - It is not allowed to offer bail bonds, security brokers, bankruptcy attorneys
  • Tobacco Products - It is prohibited to publish project includes cigars, cigarettes - all tobacco basically
  • Travel and Time Shares - Please, don't publish agencies, tour operators, clubs or tour packages.
If you have any questions in regards to whether or not your project may violate our guidelines, please contact us.


Donor Campaign Amount
€ 10


Donor Campaign Amount
€ 10


The passion for culture, environment and solidarity has stimulated the development of the fundraising platform to help projects that allow the redevelopment of the lands that need help to be able to realize.


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